Why Content Control?

With unlimited CMS options available, choosing the right one for your needs can be challenging.

Low Cost of Ownership

Content Control is open source, with no license fee to pay. It can run on pretty much any platform meaning that you don’t need to pay for expensive server software, database licenses, or other overheads.

Choose your Look

Unlike many other popular, Open Source Content Management Systems, Content Control gives you complete flexibility in terms of design. Our flexible templating engine allows you to put content wherever you want. So the only design consideration is what works best for your customers.

Easy to Use

For both content editors and developers, the learning curve is not steep. The interface looks a bit like the Windows file system, and standard right-click functionality gives access to contextual menus enabling you to publish, move, edit and control your content.

Publish Once

We love the idea of publishing content in one place, and having it automatically disseminated across your website, marketing emails and social networking sites. Content Control’s flexible API makes all this possible.

Publish Safely

Content Control’s workflow features enable you to work safely in the knowledge that draft versions aren’t visible online and that you can roll back to previous versions.

Stay in control by assigning different editing permissions to different areas of content. One website editor? That’s OK. Two hundred editors? No Problem.

Publish Anywhere. All you need to publish content is a standard web browser. Poolside working not required, but possible.

Peace of Mind

We don’t limit the support that’s available to you. Choose an appropriate plan, and we’ll do whatever we can to help you.

Couple that with a Managed Hosting plan, and you have a complete, peace-of-mind solution where we take the strain, whatever the issue.

Open Source

If you’re the kind of developer that likes to get under the hood, go right ahead. Content Control, and the plugins that we use, are fully open source.

Buzzword Compliant

If you can think of a web standard or coding trend, the chances are Content Control complies with it. Out of the box, Content Control generated code is accessible, semantic, AJAX compatible, J Queried to the hilt (if you want), XML-tastic, database agnostic: Buzzword Compliant.